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Live Nude People

(With Clothes On)!

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Live Nude People (With Clothes On)! is UC Irvine's premier, award-winning improv comedy troupe.

It was begun by grad actor Eric Stein in 1998, passed down to undergrad actor Crystal Solomon after Eric's graduation in 2000, and stolen from Crystal in 2001 in a mutinous but necessary hostile takeover by three of its undergrad players: Nathan Makaryk, Christopher "Shaggy" Wolfe, and Lindsay Hendrickson. It has been consistently run in this Three Captain style ever since.

Since its birth, Live Nude People has promised the bored and culturally deprived students of UCI a repreive from their bland surroundings. Every other Friday at 11pm the inhabitants of Irvine are given a spectacle the likes of which they would not otherwise see. There are flashy costumes, there is flashy music, and there is even flashier comedy.

At its inception, LNP was lucky to pull in an audience of 20. After seven years of playing to increasingly fanatic audiences, it consistently pulls in anywhere from 200 to 400 people a show, depending on venue size. For a performance troupe that is completely independent from the UCI Claire Trevor School of the Arts and with zero advertisement power beyond word-of-mouth and Photoshop posters around the UCI campus, this is quite a feat.

The UCI CT School of the Arts allows LNP to use whatever performance space is free and for this, LNP loves the UCI Production Office, or at least Toby. Also, just last fall, the Associated Students of UC Irvine (ASUCI) began allotting a small quarterly financial assistance to LNP and the troupe has been able to call itself "an ASUCI Sponsored Event" ever since. The phrase looks nice on posters and LNP hopes that one day it will prevent people from tearing down said posters. By the way, whoever keeps doing that: stop it.

The troupe consists of twelve players, all UCI students, though not by any means limited to Drama majors or even undergraduates. Players past and present have been English majors (both graduate and undergraduate), Psychology majors, and one guy who made up his own major: Arts-Humanities (whatever the hell that means, Spencer Williams).

Certain LNP alumni now perform or have performed in "Improv Shmimprov," an improv troupe performing in Fullerton at the Maverick Theatre to sold out audiences. Nudes are taking over Southern California. Please visit their website at http://www.improvshmimprov.com to learn more about them.

Live Nude People (With Clothes On)! is and forever has been ENTIRELY FREE to anyone who attends. Whether you'll get a seat is another matter entirely . . . because we're so popular, you see. Oh, man, are we popular.